The IDataUi is an interface that is used by the WpfDataUi.DataUiGrid(WpfDataUi.DataUiGrid) class to display data. This interface must be implemented by any controls which are used in the WpfDataUi.DataUiGrid(WpfDataUi.DataUiGrid). The WpfDataUi library contains a number of built-in controls which implement the IDataUi interface, but it can easily be extended to support more controls.

Creating IDataUi Controls

To create a custom display:

  1. Add a new User Control (WPF)
  2. In the codebehind file, implement the IDataUi interface
  3. This newly-created control can be used in a WpfDataUi grid by assigning the WpfDataUi.DataTypes.InstanceMember.PreferredDisplayer property.